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Alphax Partners is a specialized venture capital institution, committing itself to investment on early period of creative projects in high-tech and internet field, concentrating on investment on future unicorn companies which lead the industries including science and technology internet, consumption upgrade, culture and sports, enterprise application and artificial intelligence, etc., and the technological innovation field which will face significant transformational break-through. Alphax Partners Fund invests on the high-growth company which may improve the effectiveness of work and life, or improve the life quality through technological innovation.

The investment members comprise of experts with over 30 years investment experience and these with experience in high-tech and internet. The team members have successfully invested several famous companies including Qihoo 360, 6.cn, Tuniu.com, Qunar.com, Anjuke.com and MediaV, etc., by relying on their unique selected investment strategies(concentration on focus, preciseness in screening and quality orientation), their venture capital investment achieves top-level ROI which surpasses that of VC mainstream.

Alphax Partners manages two funds (RMB Fund I and Dollar Fund I), and through combination of domestic and abroad resources of good quality, bring the invested companies with opportunities of high growth speed and higher rewards of success.

The founding of Alphax Partners comes from team members’ profound comprehension and apperception on the changing of Chinese native entrepreneurial environment: comparing with these of over 20 years earlier when venture investment firstly entered China, the present entrepreneurs have stepped on the localized innovation road from learning and copying American mode; more and more Chinese modes spring up, and however the transoceanic American partners still can not make investment decision-making according to Chinese innovative ideas; furthermore, in recent years, the number and scale of funds in Chinese venture capital investment market realize dozens of times growth, the demand relation between the entrepreneurs and investors changes fundamentally, and service-oriented investors are more welcomed by investment institutions.

As the outcome of the time when venture capital investment officially enters Chinese native venture capital investment mode, Alphax Partners combines the “sniper-style” recognition before investment and butler service after investment, dedicating itself to helping the entrepreneurs find their Alphax Partners point of life. The so-called “sniper-style” before investment and butler service after investment differing from the investment style of “gunmen” or extensive cultivation, Alphax Partners sticks to the principle of quality orientation, carrying out rigorous screening on each project or entrepreneur team, and once a project gets investment from Alphax Partners, the partners and expert team of Alphax Partners will input great energy and resources to offer a long-term butler service, and help the project grow into a well-known enterprise rapidly.

The over 10 years’ investment career certifies that by sticking to such investment style, the founding team of Alphax Partners has achieved great success: in 9 invested projects, 2 finishing IPO, 3 realizing successful exit, and at present, acquiring IRR of 62% and a success rate of 80%, including Qihoo 360, 6.cn, Tuniu.com, such well-known projects with high returns.

The founding team of Alphax Partners firmly believes: it’s not difficult for Alphax Partners to increase the success rate of the project. However, primarily, the team need adjust their attitudes, offering value-added service after investment for the invested projects, working and struggling together with entrepreneur team and helping them settle the challenges during the process of entrepreneurship.


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