Kascend Chushou

所属行业:新科技 分类:直播 所在地:Hangzhou, Shanghai

Founded in 2015, Chushou is an online e-sports platform where users can live stream their mobile phone games.

Different from other pure live broadcast platforms, Chushou creates a rarely hyperactive community with its product features and operational strategies. It firmly grasps the emerging market hot spots such as mobile e-sports and social games. Therefore, it has satisfied the need of the recreational life for the post-95 and 00 generations. In 2018, Chushou received $120 million investment in D round financing which was leaded by Google and followed by AlphaX Partners. Google will help the Chinese firm expand its services to target more overseas viewers, it said.


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77 office,No.4 Gongti North Road Chaoyang District,Beijing

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