AlphaX Partners Fund: Boiling with Entrepreneurs Together

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In physics, each liquid has a different boiling point, such as water is 100 degrees Celsius, the boiling point of alcohol is about 78.4 degrees Celsius...... It is therefore, constitute the colorful world is constituted. The same is true of people, enterprise is also so tepid, although able to survive, but also muddle along, no spark, which is completely different from the state to reach the boiling point.


This is the AlphaX Partners Fund name. Boiling with entrepreneurs together for Slogen, the mission of boiling point capital is to help different entrepreneurs find its boiling point, and to the pinnacle of success in life.

AlphaX Partners Fund was founded in March 2016, managing partners are Thor Hongchuan who was the former Highland Capital global partner and the founder of Plateau China, Yu Guangdong who was the former 360 senior vice president and Yao Yaping who was the former Highland Capital executive director and partner. Currently, AlphaX Partners Fund manages the two funds (one phase of RMB fund and one phase of the U.S. dollar fund) which is a total of 1.5-2billion of funds, and 10-15 projects are planned to invest.

As a professional risk investment mechanism, AlphaX Partners Fund  will be devoted to invest the early and medium innovative projects of the fields in the high-tech and Internet. Focus on the investment for Internet of science and technology, the upgrading of consumption, culture and sports, enterprise applications, artificial intelligence and other industries leading future Unicorn enterprises. And the fields of having technical innovation of major breakthrough in the future will be invested.

The team of founders of AlphaX Partners Fund thinks that by comparing with initial entering China of the venture capital before 20 years, the fundamental change of the demand relationship between entrepreneurs and investors has taken place, which service oriented investors being more welcomed by investors.

As the product of the venture capital industry officially entering the era of the China’s local venture capital model, the birth of AlphaX Partners Fund is to subvert the traditional VC mode: the boiling point capital is committed to helping entrepreneurs find the boiling point of life through combining with the "sniper" style before investment and personal close services after investment. The so-called "sniper" style before investment vote is different from the general fund "gunner" style or extensive cultivation style of investing. AlphaX Partners Fund will concentrate on the principles of focus, rigorous screening, thinking highly of quality and not paying attention to quantity and carefully select investment projects, to achieve top investment return beyond the mainstream VC.


Once a project gets the investment of AlphaX Partners Fund, the partners of the boiling point and the expert team will invest a lot of energy and resources to provide long-term personal close service for the project and help the project quickly grow to be a star enterprise. "We are the boss without due to our investing money, but to work together with the entrepreneurial team, fight together to help them solve the challenges during the entrepreneurial process." Chuan said, The boiling point has hired successful entrepreneurs having practical experience and strategic Enterprises possessing industrial resources as investment partners, and set up a powerful team of experts to explore the project with great potential, and work together to help entrepreneurs realize their goals. "The biggest investment return is far from the financial, but the person, that is to enthusiastically serve the entrepreneur with no reservation service mentality and became a lifetime friend with entrepreneur. And when they start again, still will work together. In fact, we have a lot of projects which are the sort of repeat customers.”Chuan thinks. Only focus on such investment philosophy, can make the boiling point capital to obtain such a high rate of return on investment.

"There are too many crazy entrepreneurs in China, we just want to be with them and boiling together." said Chuan.


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