Thor Hongchuan

Partner, Co-founder

Thor Hongchuan: founding partner of Alphax Partners, founder, managing director and global partner of Highland Capital China, member of Global Fund Investment Committee.

In 2007, Chuan set up Highland Capital China, responsible for the development of high-tech projects in China, investment decision-making of Sino-American project, administration after investment in China, team construction, and participation in fund raising of Global Fund and project exit decision-making. In May 2016, Chuan, Yu Guangdong, former SVP of Qihoo 360, and Yao Yaping, another partner of Highland Capital China jointly founded Alphax Partners, which is dedicating to forging venture capital investment Mode 2.0. At present, Alphax Partners manages 4 funds, appr. USD 1 billion, including such well-known LP as Focus Media.

In general, VC’s average success rate is around 20%, with a success rate of 30% will be regarded as outstanding, and however, he created a legend, overturning the rule of industry, achieving a much higher success rate between 70% and 80%, realizing more than 7 times exit returns of Chinese projects and reaching an actual IRR of 62%. From Qihoo 360,, to Netentsec, for the extra high returns, he is labeled with the good reputation of “Investment Sniper”. For his outstanding performance in investment,Chuan is awarded the title of 2016 Investment Industry 100-Top 100 Chinese Investor of Zero2IPO Group.


Entrepreneurs progress too fast, sniper-style VC also need keep transforming


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