Yu Guangdong

Partner, Co-founder

Yu Guangdong is an expert in internet company management, product operation and marketing, with 15 years’ senior management experience and investment experience in internet product and operation, familiar with operation of science and technology internet industry and entrepreneurial firm, and possessing profound connection and influence in Chinese internet circle.

Yu Guangdong has participated in the founding of Qihoo 360 in its earlier period, and as SVP and product principal of Qihoo 360, has led the team to develop such products with billions of users as Browser 360, hao360 navigation page, 360 search, 360 mobile phone guard, film and television, e-business and commercial team, becoming the lifelong honor consultant of Qihoo 360; has serviced for TOM.com, LG and other science-and-technology enterprises; meanwhile, Yu Guangdong has also, as angel investor and corporate consultant, participated in www.haodai.com, MediaV, JOYRUN, Huangtaiji, etc., and positively participated in the operation management of these companies.

As the investor with rarely front-line management experience in large-scale internet company in venture capital investment circle, he has experienced the whole process of a company from its founding to the establishment of various systems and therefore clearly knows where the entrepreneur’s fear and incertitude are.

Yu Guangdong believes that along with the investment in internet returning to the rational, the entrepreneur more requires the wisdom and assistance of investors, and therefore, the investor should carry out the investment with the attitude of entrepreneurship, sharing their experience with invested entrepreneurs, and just like an entrepreneur, serve each invested entrepreneurial firm with hand-on assistance, help them achieve success.

When working in 360, I experienced the employment in several departments including business, products, technology, market and BD, so I’m quite clear of each circle of the company. I hope I could share my personal experience with the entrepreneurs and help them achieve success.—Yu Guangdong

Entrepreneurship is a result of being forced


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