Yao Yaping


Yao Yaping has 11 years’ experience in cross-border M&A and financial consulting in investment industry and investment banks, familiar with such capital operations as listing and M&A exit in capital market, once served Dow Jones (Asian), SK Telecommunications, and other multinational enterprises as their cross-border M&A consultant in China; during 2006-2009, helped Lianjia, JD (NYSE:JD), 58.com (NYSE:WUBA) with their financing in earlier growth phase; then, served for investment and M&A department of Baidu, familiar with the strategic layout thoughts and investment and M&A operations of large-scale internet company, comprehending the internet operation logic in depth in China, and as an active organizer Broadway, a home for former employees of Baidu, masters the internet talent network of Baidu in depth, from which, the first  harvest is the source of projects, the second is the industrial expert opinions, and the third is management team after investment and BD sources; after then, Yao Yaping turned to venture investment fund and has acquired in-depth knowledge in fund operation, realizing success investment and exit in such fields as tourism, house property, automobile, internet advertisement and internet finance, etc., and acquiring deep research and knowledge accumulation in internet education, internet medical treatment and mobile e-commerce.

In 2015, he was granted the title of “Newly-emerged Young Investor” by ChinaVenture and Youth Investor Association.


I only take 10% of my time to do a deal, and the rest 90% is used for thinking, that’s my way for keeping the investment safe…


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